Through the Window Pane

Just managed to get my Window Pane ready for Creative Tuesday.

" it understands my pane
not as strong as i appear,
having to hold the outside out and
the inside in where each belongs."

The Window's Pane
by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner

There was a little bird hiding behind the glass.


Linda said…
This looks fantastic; you must be very pleased. So many!
Steph said…
Beautiful Lay Hoon!!!
This is such an elegant piece - I love it. Very evocative.

Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I could follow the breadcrumbs back here ... you have a terrific blog and I really enjoyed seeing your work. Your "Vintage Paris" is lovely!

Nice to meet you!
Mary said…
This is wonderful!!!
Tess said…
Oh wow, This is gorgeous. I love all of it. THe colors, the details, the glass. The little birdy peeking out form within, or is it in from without?! LOve it! You are so very creative...
Janet said…
Wow! What a truly gorgeous piece of work. The face is beautiful and I love all the layers and textures. Fantastic!
LadyCat said…
This is awesome! I love the colors, texture and different mediums all making up your piece. The detail is amazing!
Mmm said…
Yes, Lay Hoon, this works perfectly. thanks for joining in this week's theme. Very intricate indeed. Your pieces ask for the viewer to interact with it and look around, exploring as it were--peering through the window for certain. Great job!

I will add you to my side bar now.

Thanks again!

Absolutely beautiful. Puts mine to shame. It will come up tomorrow.
Christine said…
what a creative entry! very nice.
lissa said…
wonderful mixtures of materials and overlaying, I like the ideas of eyes as the window to new things
Oh. My. God. This is stunning. I'd love to see a tutorial on how you did this! Gorgeous. What a talented woman you are!
Amazing... Just love it! What a delightful sculpture.
Welcome to the group.
deb said…
This is really clever, and I love the idea of keeping things in or out. I am hoping that my package arrived (?) if not please let me know and I will send another...
Michelloui said…
I love love LOVE this! It is beautiful and clever, and I love the detail of the little bird sitting on the window sill. Beautiful!
Rebecca said…
....Very interesting use of layering and textures. There's so much going on here on so many levels.. intriguing work!
Anne said…
Hi, Lay Hoon! Terrific shadow boxes! Love them! :-)
Very beautiful and deep Lay Hoon!
Gorgeous piece of art!
Betsy said…
wow...very creative! Love the little bird!
Bachelor said…
Lay Hoon,
Wow.. BEAUTIFUL!! I love this and the music...mmmmmm great stuff!
Thanks for sharing your art talent!
The Bach
Bachelor said…
Lay Hoon,
Is your music on a cd that can be purchased? I would like to buy the cd if possible.. thank you!
The Bach
Chok Keun said…
Hi My fren, happy New Year. And this is definitely a stunning piece!!!

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