Free your soul for art

Freeing your soul for A-R-T

Muse mojo flows smoothly ......

I'm slowly filling up the journal.


Hi Lay Hoon, WOW! You've really been working! I like that: Free your soul for art! Wonderful image too!
luthien said…
wow lay hoon :)) this is AWESOME!!!! i just love the colors and the textures but most of all i love the energy of this piece!! fantastic!!
Beth Niquette said…
Oh, my goodness--I watched as your artwork came up across the screen and literally gasped.

You are amazing...your talent is incredible.

I'm with luthien...FANTASTIC!
Laura Kay said…
I so love your journal pages!!!! Love the spray paint ones too!!
Gaby Bee said…
This page is terrific...a colorful breath of fresh air! It's always a great fun catching up with you Lay Hoon :-)
Have a wonderful art filled week!
Love these pages, so colorful and inspiring!!!
Chok Keun said…
Always love to look at your journal pages, they are so artistic and pretty!

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