Friday, August 31, 2012

August : Reflect, Forgive and Move Forward

I prepared the template of monthly book early of each month.
This is how August mini book looks alike.
This month I gonna to do slight different, 
I'm to write at least few line each day.
As per today (30th), I glad that I managed to do so.  (sorry, no photos of them)

But, one thing i would love to share out in finding me for this month is 

I was so miserable since few months back.
The mistake/careless i make keep on repeating in different circumstances which 
diminished my confidence level. I was feeling so tangled and helpless.
  Attending workshop, reading books and even referring to some girl friend. 
Until one day the my supervisor send the following message to me which sounds

" Sometimes life stops us to teach us something that must be learned before we can go on. 
The same situation recurs until we get another perspective on it and lean how to handle it."  


"Understanding that the changes we want to make in life usually happen 
when we are ready for them can allow us to accept our present circumstances."

there are pretty wisdom that i still learning on