Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Let It Rain Cafe House

We visited a zakka style cafe house "Let It Rain" which is located in Cyberjaya in one of the weekend. I couldn't resist but to post some of the photos that caught my eye ... admire at how the cafe owner who is blending the local elements and zakka style.  

PASSIONS in Living his Life , probably..

It is always fun to imagine ...what would you do if you own a cafe house ? 
How to attract customers to walk into your store ? 
Any home dishes that make your customers to look for them again next time ?  
How to optimise the space, by not projecting messiness ?

77 marked the year I was born..

We are also happy to meet XinYi, a Singaporean artist in personal.
The above was some of the cuties she drew for display.
I bought few pieces of her printed artwork as well.   

Love this corner ... and feel that the table lamp is just so matching.

Another favorite corner  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Making Washi Paper

I attended a short session of making washi paper yesterday at Oriental Art & Cultural Association

According to the craftsmen from Japan, the ingredients used for Echizen Washi paper are mainly Kozo, Mitsumata and Ganpi. 

Process of Making Paper
1) Steeping & Washing - to steep barks into pure water for 10 hours to make the barks soft. 
2) Boiling - To boil the barks into the solution liquid for 1-2 hours to melt the main components and let them cool, then proceed with washing away of impurities.
3) Removing harshness & dust off- To float 1-2 barks on the water and remove the harshness and dust by hand. 
4) Beating - To beat the fibers. Well beaten fibers will become strong paper. Only perform by skilled person. 
5) Paper Making - To scoop the wood pulp by screen and reed and to spread them, swing and scoop for few times and leave it on the bar.  
6) Compression & Dry - To compress the paper not to change its shape carefully and dry them one by one. 
7) Finishing - To select the paper, polish, cut and wrap. 

Basically at the work shop, we are giving chance on trial making the washi paper (as step 5 above), to decorate (with dried leave and flower) and dry the paper on heating board. 

My finished deco. washi paper. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

current obsession (3)

I have few of this silhouette cum. 3D pop-up card.



Who can resist the Eiffel Tower ?

Such a lovely birthday card !