Sunday, June 24, 2012

June made fabulous

June is the most special month for a year. It's marked as the half year milestone of the year and also my birth month. Art side I have so much ideas that i want to do. Currently playing with inks, acrylic, sprays & etc.So tempting .... At Works side We went for a movie shows, Madagascar 3, my company sponsored for their employee family day. I can feel the 'move it, move it'. Hope you so. Besides, there was a H.S.E. awareness week in the mid of June whereby there were tons of activities/tons filled up for some days. Well after all these good treat, I have to say my group have been extremely busy at the work front this week, working for a submission dateline.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's mAy book

I appreciate and feeling gladful for the new environment I have in now in new company ~ CH. This month is end of 6 months probation period. It's not only meant another milestone in career but also for my own development. However, no matter how busy I am, i still keep the habit to update my 101.1001 list Exercise 30min a week & join a Yoga class are always on my top to do list. Good news is I keep up this resolution, yoga cum exercise since Mar.