Inspiration Avenue Challenge : Mys·tique

The painting on the china doll was a new venture outside my comfort zone.

I used acrylic paint and embossing powder.

And the doll head was so fit to the theme of this week in Inspiration Avenue Challenge.

Thank you to Luthien introduced me the Inspiration Challenge blog.
By the way, she is very good and skillful in making those gypsy pendant.


Sandy said…
Oh wow this is really mystice.
WrightStuff said…
There's definitely something very mystical about this piece!! Great work.
luthien said…
omg!! this is great! dolls always give me a kind of spooky feeling and this is mystical alright!! and i really like your title :) mys tique ... so her name is tique LOL!! COOL!

and thank you for the shoutout ... you are such a darling :)))
Magpie said…
I love the silvery look of the doll. It's very mysterious and magical!
artangel said…
This has a slightly surreal and eerie feeling, and certainly has mystique to it - great submission!
patk860 said…
very mystical indeed! what a unique entry....very nice work!
fantastic look to your doll head, I really like it alot!

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