Braving the Elements (GPP No. 36)

New Start for year 2010

A new funstatic challenge posted by Michelle Ward on her GPP Street Team.

Paper cutting
I used the receipt print and magazine paper.
(After experiment with acrylic spray, the stencil cut out from magazine paper turned out awesome)
5 - 8 minutes for each (big one) cut out.
This process carried out in the first day.

{ I N D OO R }

I used several ink.
This process took about 10-15 minutes in the second day.


{ O U T D OO R }

Bought some Acrylic Spray and Color Wash of Adirondack last year, which I turned them into good used this year.

The process taken about 15 minutes.

The colourful cut out will be keep for next used.