Thursday, November 14, 2013

Take me on a journey, my journal

I started art journaling since 2008.
Love the massive / bulky / hulking content that I try to fill it until it's limit.

The journal book (2008) was bought from the Arch ~ brown kraft paper. This journal recorded my first attempt in Art Journaling, playful Soul Journal class conducted by Sarah Whitmere and subsequent with True North ArtsKathryn Costa. I still remember the great time that we all had.       

Journal book of 2010 was brought back from Bahrain, from a local supplier. The daily diary page that drove me to write/put in some(every)thing everyday.

Journal book of 2011 was a gift from my former boss. There are hard divider nicely place within each of the month. Year 2011 was a mixture year that my mood swing upside down.

The handy Journal of 2012 was Monologue. A new journal that recorded the experience of new career path. I had make a tremendous change in my life story.

2013 Journal is from Moleskine (a legendary notebook). I have been hear about this brand journal repeatedly since year 2008 perhaps. I bought the first Moleskine from Taiwan (as it was not available in Malaysia yet). However, it was then beautiful wrapped and gave out as a gift. So, I bought myself the legendary notebook early of 2013 as a gift for myself 
It still have few more pages left as at today..

How is my 2014 Journal book will look like ?

(I'm calling)


Some photos that I feel so guilty if I'm not sharing it ...

I've capture from the display booth at Kinokuniya bookstore (Japanese book section).

I scream .... "So kawaii".  

Monday, November 11, 2013

Culture Street, Old JB (Johor Bharu) Town

I'm fascinated about backstreet look like ..

my little loved one carried her umbrella claiming that she want to good use her umbrella..

There was a cultural show at Saturday night

The weather was hot and thought it would be great idea for the cafe house to shade under the 'leaves'. 
However, too bad the cafe house is not in business that day. 

Those pictures are shot from our recent heritage walk to Old JB town (Day 1), other than Penang and Melaka  (Malacca).  
We spend our 3 days (very short) here in JB for company's Family Day.  

Day 1 ~ Drive of 5 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Johor
Day 2 ~ Legoland
Day 3 ~ Old JB town again for good food and visit to Culture Museum.


We just realised that we do not make any trip out early of the year. 
Most of the months was spend on work and works..
I still have 8 days leave balance to be carried for next year after consideration of study/exam leaves 
and Dec leaves.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The reason(s) I like about ~ I.M Magazine

One of my favorite magazine..I.M Magazine

The reasons i being so loved with this magazine :-

(i) Indulgent ~ New restaurant in town / great cafe to hop by (especially nowadays many unique cafe house mushroom-ing around Malaysia) 
(ii) Perspire to Inspire ~ great story share by local artist, entrepreneur
(iii) Impressed ~ even I not too kinda care off, just to be comfortable. But, it's fun to know how does the new generation wore out there..
(iv) Featured blogshop ~ interview with the owner
(v) Books review
(vi) Live to learn ~ bit and piece about living in Malaysia..
(vii) The book cover and contents ~ very energetic and lively ..especially like the fonts (yes, just bored with conventional magazine ~ too neat) , colors , image (inspiring photos and illustration).  


Price ~ RM 4.90 (about an dollar plus)  

Previously i was allergic to coffee , which by drinking of a cup, will feel discomfort and the symptom like vomiting. 
After conquered myself with a cup of good coffee at Typica cafe, it's injected a new definition of coffee from that day on. Now.. omg...i'm falls in love in coffee and can't stop in craving the aromatic of coffee beans.

DIY pages and also the beautiful illustration..

Peek into the latest issue here.