Be Mine Card

Use ink and pastel colour for the colouring.

Sewing the heart onto the paper + transparency.


Tess said…
This is lovely Lay Hoon. Such pretty colors, Great job. I've sewn on paper before but not vellum. I must try that.
Mar said…
this is gorgeous!!!!!
Chok Keun said…
This is so gorgeous! Great colors! Just wondering where you got the heart shape paper, is that a doily paper?
Gaby Bee said…
This card is really lovely! Love that heart shape paper too.
Thank you to Tess, Mar, Chok Keun and Gaby.

The heart shape is the paper doily.
Gorgeous Valentine Lay Hoon, the colors make it so special!
luthien said…
hello lay hoon :))
i came here via inspiration avenue's follow list :)) so happy to have found another fellow malaysian artist on bloggie land :)) looking forward to see more of your creations!! happy new year!!

luthien :)

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