Friday, April 18, 2014

How long will you wait ?

make a living in my country is not easy, especially for those middle class people like us. 
from birth, we are carrying the responsible to not only taking care our own family but also pay the living of both side parents and relatives.
I need to work to support the family (which instead of stay-at-home mom).
I do wonder, why i am bound to all these responsibilities and want to get rid off it. 
seems my lives is not about myself but also for others. 

however, when i shift my attention back to myself. 
I feel i didn't love myself enough, 
i  m working very hard in order to get promotion and continue to move up in ladder. 
I'm not happy in corporate job but because of the good pay and i ignore my feeling.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Playing Cards Photos

I've purchased voucher on printing photos in playing card format last year.
retrieved some old pictures from computer and designed the pictures in dedicated software.
total 56 cards and every designed come in 2 copies.  

Monday, April 14, 2014

What you do with your Journal (Moleskine) ? (Mar 2014)

Type of Journal book  
~ Moleskine Ruled Notebook (lined pages) 

What I do with my Moleskine 

(for Planning purpose)
~ Cooking plan for weekend Lunch / dinner
~ Grocery list
~ List of things to do 

(for Future Reference) 
~ Record for new Blogs / website that inspired
~ News article that I read from newspaper/ magazine

(for Inspiration)
~ Quotation
~ Great pictures / painting from other artists
~ How others live their Life ? 

(for Memory Keepsake)
~ Travel journal for recent family trip to Penang, Ipoh &Taiping
~ Snippet of Daily life 

(for Practice )
~ drawing, doodling, colouring, painting

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Palm Sized Handbound Journal Book (3 of 12)

my no. 1 & no.3 palm size handbound journal book .
make off from packaging from Hoe Hin White Flower Embrocation.    
the size is smaller than the first plam book. 

 there are just too cute to hold :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

more clues please, art journal

In recent journaling, the process of getting the page always seems a mirror of what my soul is. 
(*Looking at my own life as different entity*)

Flipped back the journal page again and again, the page seems a bit of lacking the element of ‘energy’ in that page. Shall I say, it’s just a ‘dead’ page? It keeps me to look for it, the element, to make it ‘alive’.
Tried a different approach, adding darker tone like black, dark blue, dark green and etc to the page. I’m taking the risk, a little voice… as I understand that it is not easy to handle/take down the dark tone, if it appeared not good as overall. 

But I have to be bold and here is the final final page…which I satisfy J

The process is projecting what is in my ordinary life as now. More clues please …
I am allowed to transform?? 

more art journal pages in my Artstronaut Journal