Friday, September 1, 2017

Reset and restart

2017, remarkable of another year that I start from 'zero' again.

First time reset was happened in year 2011. I quit the organisation that I have worked for 15 years -and join in another organisation of different industry.

In the early month of 2017, I have a feeling in me that I was in a 'still/stagnant' stage and which deep side of me which want to 'move' forward. The feeling is strong and I am so glad that concurrently the opportunities knocked my door. I quickly grab the opportunity and tender my resignation.

So, as of today, I am so much happy that I have make up my mind earlier and grab the opportunities.
I am more clear now and the important things is that I know what I want :)

The items in the following list are vital for me to create my * dream *.

1) Love myself first
2) Be a tourist in your own city
3) Allocate at least 1 day for myself  
4) Keep the habit of Reading
5) Continue to read the books in the shelves 
6) Practice and attend to Yoga class
7) To do yoga / stretching at home
8) Learning deep breathing
9) Treat myself good lunch twice in a working week
10) Attend to spiritual retreat class 

11)Allow 15 minutes in the morning for daily inspiration
12) Review portfolio status once a month
13) Look for 4% return investment
14) Open a trading account
15) Post 4 times a month at myGingerMint 
16) Meditate daily
17) Tidy up my FDC & Stamps collection
18) Pamper myself … Facial
19) Fly the kite 
20) De-cluttering the KJ and CS room

21) To let go the art suppliers stuff that I'm no longer use 
22) Buy only those I need
23) Sell / donate the old magazines
24) To do something with the Postcards
25) Simplified the wardbrobe
26) Recycling home stuff
27) Use the pen before commit to buy the new one
28) Plan family trip (local / oversea)
29) Reduce meat, more veggie , more fruits
30) Visit Zine / MT Tape Fairs

31) Plan for 1 year - Europe trip
32) Visit to libraries
33) Go for a picnic
34) Making my own zine
35) Capture everyday with camera
36) Learn to use photoshop / illustrator
37) Learn sketching
38) House keeping photos in my hard disk 
39) Knit / crochet the yarn i bought
40) Gather with mom, sisters and brother bimonthly