A New Page : Prompt 8


Never Grow Up

Autumn encouraged us to think of our self as a child and just scribe away our thoughts on childhood and growing up.

What did it mean to you then, and how do you see it now?


I put a little mirror in the center of eyeball

to reflect what am I now.


I thrilled when saw what Altered Route did for this prompt.


TJ said…
The mirror in the eye is super clever and meaningful. Excellent idea and beautiful spread! Happy creations from germany, tj
allthingspurple said…
hey, you a fan of autumn too, Lay Hoon? I lurked by her blog a lot too *grin*
beautiful prompt, Lay Hoon. You are so artistic !!
Mar said…
page turned out fabulous i like the eye!
never grow up
Autumn said…
My favorite submission yet! I love every detail. So perfect.

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