Creative Revolution

Creative Revolution

I was so grateful to have 2 free hours of (my own) time on Friday.

I explore the possibilities / ways to use my own hand-bound book , which can be open flat.


Since I have only 2 hours. I worked on Diana Trout' s Creative Revolution which each prompt may take 10-20 minutes. She is inspiring teacher.

So, start with Nudge 1 : Take a handful paper / fabric scraps, glue them down on journal.
CR : 1

Nudge 2 & 3 : I don't have printer. So will worked it out in next few days.

Nudge 4 : Lettering . Used broad marker to bold the letters.
(Place where I worked, the bird chirping , warm sun. I used to dream what I gonna do if I quit my job)

Nudge 5 : Split the page into 7 segments. One for each day of the week.
The journal book can be served as your customize diary book for year 2011.
CR : 5
So many things happen this week,
I didn't update my blog as I was ill (period cramp so seriously)
the sad part, we loss our beloved brother-in-law who suffered cancer . He was 35 years old.

Nudge 6 : 5 minutes collage.
When I flip thought the old pile of magazine and found this "Never stop learning while enjoying the best of life" speak to me.
CR : 6