Grafitti Art







Feeling not well this few days ...
the work pressure have in work and
health problem I have on myself
waiting for time to come to resolve all these

So blessing I find art
which enables me to 'release'


Anne said…
Hi, Lay Hoon! I love these beautiful pages! So many wonderful layers of yummy goodness!

Sorry you aren't feeling well and are feeling stressed, too. I am glad that your art helps you to relax and unwind. Thinking of you and hope you feel better soon! :-)
Jackie said…
These are fabulous Lay Hoon! I just love the colours and all the different layers of paint.
Hope you feel better soon.
Linda said…
I love your graffiti art; it is full of colour and movement.

I hope you are feeling better now ....sending good wishes.
Linda :-)

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