Zakka style that I loved about

sentimental patchwork
Sentimental Patchwork by Saidos da Concha

Kawaii Handmade Purse Wallet Japanese Fabric YUWA Girly Pink Strawberry Floral Lace Cute Japan
So sweet and pretty kawaii handmade.
Love how she used the laces to makeup the soft pink.

by Kayon

ZAKKA Brag Book Front
ZAKKA Brag Book Front by Pinkpaisley.


Tess said…
That first item pictured reminds me of the days of clothes pins and clothes lines. There are still some here that use them. My grandma and mom both had a nice patchworked bag similar to this one that hung from a hanger on the clothes line.
Ophelia said…
I found your blog today and I love it! Very, very inspiring!
J@iM3 said…
I love your blog, how I wish I have your inspiration and determination...Love the patchwork you have added.

Have you start learning to do patchwork yourself?

I am so lost touch with my crafting...after all is not easy when you have a little one at the moment. I hope someday I catch up again with all my crafting and my fellow crafter...Have a nice day!
Tess, how wish I can see your patchworked bag.

Ophelia, thank you. I hope you'll come to my site often.

Hi Jaime, thank you for leaving me encouraging words.
I learn the patch work myself. And now, still improving.
No worry about not catching up your craft. I started all the craft and art after my second child ~ when she was 1 year old that time.
so i have some time for scrapbooking. But, later, I found out that I don't really fond in scrapbooking.
Until someday,. people introduce me about art journaling.
Then, I'm hooked till now. May be part of the reason because I was had a tough time in my career.
And the arting become form of my retreat.

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