Memorable Friday

From one of the shelves ....

There are so many stories to tell
I'm not coca-cola fans, but I do buy coke when I visit new country.

Those Madagascar creatures are bought from McD. There are cute.

Box of panoramic photos (the blue box behind) that I developed from the shop - Jessops, UK in year 2002.

The Mykonos cups ~ gift from SIL
The Mickey-Mouse-shaped pencil was bought from Disneyland, Paris.
Playing cards from Alaska ~ present from swap angel, C.Tibbitts

The wooden rak that I bought from flea market. So fit for elephants (from India) and little owls.

Those little elephants ~ all from India , except the last white one, it's from Thailand.

The Japanese doll ~ gift from mom when I was little.
The wooden box from Qatar.