What is inside the mysterious packet ??!

In the ceramic section, we was given a mysterious packet.

OMG !! We been given a task .... TO RESTORE IT ~!!!

What I got was the most difficult one in the class...because of the so many little broken pieces and also the plain colour (without any pattern) .

First, we used the tape to join the broken piece ...
Actually, the process was fun ... sort like figure out the puzzle

restore pc
Then, we used UHU.

restore piece
After that, apply the filler ~ modelling paste to the hairline crack.

Yay !! Mission Complete !!


Steph said…
sounds like you're having lots of fun Lay Hoon!!!
Dear Lay Hoon YOU and your blue bowl look SO pretty!
That was quite a project!
J@iM3 said…
so cool...lay hoon, where is this particular place. sound like so much you have there =)

good work and good job!!

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