Shanghai Expo 2010 世博

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From 1 May to 31 October 2010, the mega-city on the banks of the Yangtse River will play host to the next World Fair. So much to excite and overwhelm with the soon opening ceremony of Shanghai Expo 中国2010年上海世界博览会 (live in TV).

More than 190 countries and more than 50 international organizations have registered to participate in the Shanghai World Expo, the largest ever. Whoa ..seems like you are visiting the world in here.

About the Malaysia Pavilion

Malaysia with the theme “One Malaysia — City Harmonious Living” which is in line with the World Expo 2010's theme "Better City, Better Life". Malaysia has 47 ethnic groups, who live comfortably together in urban and rural areas. The Malaysia Pavilion highlights the different facets of Malaysia.

M0re amazing pavilion here.

Shall I go or shall I not ...