The Meetup

Goal for the year !!

Goals that I set for myself (mostly extracted from the 101.1001 list) after 'graduated' from the Indie Biz 2.0.

Liz from Athena Dreams Design have a group called 'The Meetup" which is made up of entrepreneurs • artists • new business owners that gather {electronically} at the beginning of each month to post our goals, our hopes and our dreams for our businesses. The philosophy behind this gathering is that by putting our goals out there for others to see helps keep us accountable, and on our path. Additionally, getting some feedback from the others in the group and some needed "you can do its" can help to push us forward and get the things done that we know we need to do. Yes. Sometimes , I do need positive momentum.

Goal for April
1) Create the blog banner / header (done)
2) Learn & Create blog widget (plan to do more)

3) Brainstorm some ideas for etsy store

4) Editing pictures

5) Sidebar labels and links

6) Blog at rate 1 post per day
7) Make & bind 3 mini books (for swap)