tiny book


Size of

2.6 x 2.5 inch
2.0 x 3.o inch
2.5 x 2.8 inch









TJ said…
I think these are probably the sweetest little things I've ever seen!! Well done Lay... you are amazing...
Luthien said…
well done on the tiny books! they are very well made :)
Diane said…
Cute, cute books Ÿ I came upon your site while doing a search on "fairies" and saw the cute alphabet you were offering as a freebie, but I didn't see the letter "T". do you have that one? I would love to have it to make a pillow for my granddaughter, Taylor's room. Thank you, Diane
Autumn said…
How very perfect! Absolutely lovely! You always set my heart into flights of fancy! xx,
Autumn Clark
daisy said…
I love anything small & cute, so I love these tiny books of yours.

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