a positive affinity



I have a huge obsession in book binding.
Never bored to sew and bind them from pieces to piece.
Every piece of journal is one-of-a-kind.
I have another one which still on my work desk.
Squeeze little time to complete it with no hurry.
Just because of ... P A S S I O N.




Kira said…
Your books are always beautiful. It's plain to see that you love this, and you are SO good at it! :)
Sara said…
These are beautiful, I particularly like the cover of the second one. I wish I could make books like that!

Little Syam said…
nice lay hoon..do you want to exhibit one of your book in my corner at eco design campaign..let me know ya...
Raylee said…
your "passion" is beautiful.
Gaby Bee said…
I just love visiting your Blog and enjoyed looking at your previous posts! You made some fabulous things since my last visit!
Your books are to die for! Seems you can do everything :-)
I wish I could make books like that!

Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!
Gaby xo
Autumn said…
It is wonderful that you find peace in binding these beautiful books. I fear I have no patience for such, but really appreciate the beauty.

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