GPP Street Team : #49 - Forensic Report

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Michelle Ward has posted a series of evidence gathering in GPP Street team.
This month, Challenge No.49, to record your characteristics, plus document your interests as they are right now.
The Forensic Report of YOU, sounds like very scientific and intrigue.

Pg 1-2

I'm so much in love with the Print-&-Use tags and images designed exclusively for GPP Street Team by Michelle (Thank you).

Self Portrait page
Pg 3-4

Current Events page

Favorite Things page
Pg 7-8

Past Evidences ( school library card, student card)
pg 9-10

More evidence (employment cards)
evidence pg11-12

evidences (favourite movie tickets)

Interest page
pg 15-16

Wishlist page
pg 17-18

and Fragrance page
pg 19

Michelle, you are rock !!
I'm so much getting fun in collecting evidence of 'ME'.

C O O L !!