Feel the beat of handmade


Brand new handbound journal

Chinese Calendar_1


Very thypical chinese script.. a layer of finishing is coated for protection.

'My Life' , hope it will 'spice' up your everyday venture.



Dare to dream !!! dream_4 The 'Dream' was made off light wood alpha. dream_1

Those handmade journal are available in my etsy store.


Hearthandmade said…
your journals are always so inspiring!
Autumn said…
Again, these are so wonderful! I wish you the very best of luck!!! Love the tall, slim journal. xx,
Autumn Clark
Raylee said…
your work is always fantastic!!
Little Syam said…
well done lay hoon..I admire your energy for fantastic book you created..with your full time job and kids....looking forward for more creations from you..never fail to surprise me...so proud of you:)
Steph said…
Beautiful Books Lay Hoon!!!!

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