Book binding class

techer syam

We really enjoyed our Book Binding class which held on 31 July and 1 August'10 at Botanical Garden Putrajaya.
Our teacher , Syam (in white blouse), she is such darling and caring.



The book that we learned using the Kettle Stitch Binding and Coptic Binding technique.

I missed the Japanese Stab binding due to a small accident happen on my car (Sigh ...what a day). But still ok as Jap.Stab not my favour one.
Four little books of mine ...

Didn't manage to took more pictures.
Busy with the sew, needle and thread.
And make friends with Gigi, Sweii, Hooi Fung, and sweet couple Song Pe & Mimmy, Mimie, Faza, Joelywn .
You may see more pictures in Syam's blog here.