My little room

welcome in
Spend some time to tidy up mine little room.
Still finding my favourite color for the room ...
Probably Santorini's blue or Turkey's blue.

old paper wall
A wall behind the work desk.

I'am collecting some old photos recently.

magnet board

Magnet board

I'm looking for some shelf to organise these stuff.

Not feeling well this few weeks ... caught in flu and cough.


Sarah Coggrave said…
I love a room full of interesting things, and yours is certainly that!


Sarah x
luthien said…
wow!! that's pretty cool! a whole artroom to yourself :)
deb said…
wow there is so much to see in your little room. Hope you are feeling better
Gaby Bee said…
WOW, a room full of great stuff! Cool!
Hope you are feeling better now!

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