waiting for my Faith to come

1) Still yet to recover from cough and flu. Blur and tired ....

2) Not much into Art Journaling lately. Little time to practice book binding. (Figuring how to make them more interesting)

3) Flip through my old journal ..and find these

My personal target
Age 23 - 25 : Professional Diploma
Age 26 - 27 : Obtain Holiday Working visa (legally staying and working in UK for duration of 1 to 2 years)
Age 28 onwards : House and car

Okay, I got the Professional Diploma (after hectic worked while studied for 2 & 1/2 years) and managed purchase a house for my parents ... but what had planned but did not go to reality was be a Holiday Worker (wish to travel from one country to another when i was young).

Regret or not. I dunno. But I believe in F A I T H.

I wrote the resolution when I was age 23 or 24 (10 years back). How time flies !!

Well. I gonna to continue to write what I want to do for another half decade of mine.

Today, I write myself another resolution ..... probably .... do the things I like (the vision become clearer at this age).

4) Another friend of mine, which we are came from a same hometown and working in same company for 14 and half years had tendered out her resignation. All the best for her.

5) Always believe there are good people around me !!


luthien said…
ahh... that's good. i'm quite lousy at resolutions, so i dun make them... but i must agree it is a good way to stay focus :) good luck on it!
Sarah Coggrave said…
This is a lovely post, and I hope you get better soon.

Sarah x
Linda said…
Oh poor you....I hope you'll be fit and well very soon.
You did brilliantly to get a diploma and purchase a house for your parents.
Keep the faith.
Linda x

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