Material needed for Book Binding

Bought some kits from our class with little syam at very minimal cost (thank you Syam) for practising.

Recycle paper, hard cover (all had cut to size) , cotton strip, fabric, needle and thread.

Gonna go to shop for saw .
Another important tool.

The Certificate that i received from the class.

Still not recover from flu and cough ... too bad.


Tess said…
That certificate is awesome. I am looking forward to seeing the wonderful books and journals you will make. Hugs,
luthien said…
very nice :) happy practicing! i visited syam's blog ... perhaps somday i might join you guys for a bookbinding workshop... when i'm not so poverty striken :) really love to learn the more complicated 2-3 thread coptic stitch and the jap stab binding :)
Mar said…
practice is good!!! kits are great too!
and it was especially nice to recieve a certificate!!

happy are all set!
Sarah Coggrave said…
What lovely stuff - and how cool that you got a certificate too :-)

I hope you are feeling better soon...

Sarah x
Thank you girls, I'm starting my book binding and fell in love with it.

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