Silk Road #4 ~ Desert / Sand Dunes

We took overnight soft sleeper train from XinJiang Province to Gansu Province - DunHuang City.

Our spot light for the Day 7 ~~ Mingsha Sand Dunes and the crescent spring ( The UNESCO WHS )

The Sand Dunes is located at DunHuang City, about 5-8 minutes drive from our hotel and the city !!!

You'll never imagine there is a desert inside the city.

The paved road and the sand dunes.

Ok... forget about the city.

We were walked on the tip edge-line of the sand dunes.
Move our heavy footsteps ....not easy to walk on the sand.

Can you see the little tiny people ?
Then, you'll know how high was us.

How to going down ???

(actually we slide down)

There is another name for the sand dune , i.e. Singing Mountain.
You'll hear the moving sand enchoes.
I collected some sand for journal.

The famous Crescent Lake.
The sand dunes embraces a lake in shape of a half moon.
( There was spring underneath the lake )

Another end of the lake.

The temple

Journal Page of the Old Ancient Tree that was there many many years ago.