Silk Road #4 ~ Desert / Sand Dunes

We took overnight soft sleeper train from XinJiang Province to Gansu Province - DunHuang City.

Our spot light for the Day 7 ~~ Mingsha Sand Dunes and the crescent spring ( The UNESCO WHS )

The Sand Dunes is located at DunHuang City, about 5-8 minutes drive from our hotel and the city !!!

You'll never imagine there is a desert inside the city.

The paved road and the sand dunes.

Ok... forget about the city.

We were walked on the tip edge-line of the sand dunes.
Move our heavy footsteps ....not easy to walk on the sand.

Can you see the little tiny people ?
Then, you'll know how high was us.

How to going down ???

(actually we slide down)

There is another name for the sand dune , i.e. Singing Mountain.
You'll hear the moving sand enchoes.
I collected some sand for journal.

The famous Crescent Lake.
The sand dunes embraces a lake in shape of a half moon.
( There was spring underneath the lake )

Another end of the lake.

The temple

Journal Page of the Old Ancient Tree that was there many many years ago.


Anne said…
Hi, Lay Hoon! Fabulous pictures and journal pages! I especially like the temple and the journal page of the old tree. :-)

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