Discovery Trip

My recent family trip to Melacca ~ my favorite historic state.

The street that we explore in.
( I used masking tape for the 'street')

The old stuff which catch my eye and wish to share it to you

The Voyage Cafe and Guest House

The hand-drawn brochure.


The Calanthe Art Cafe

A very unique coffee house.
If you are coffee lover, then you can enjoy 13 states's coffee of Malaysia in here.

No.11, Jalan Hang Kasturi,
75200 Melaka.


Mar said…
great!!! page..
and you incorporated tape in there!
i haven't since the exercise with are moving ahead of the pack

what a nifty spot too...thanks for taking us with you
Anne said…
Hi, Lay Hoon! Looks like you had fun discovering and exploring! Love your journal layout! So pretty! :-)
sarala said…
That looks like a great place to visit.
I got here from your Swap-Bot site.
Chok Keun said…
thanks for sharing such a great place!

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