Serendipity and Synchronicity

The Sky and Earth

This month, Kathryn posted a prompt of Serendipity & Synchronicity in True North Art.

The colourful 12 Zodiac wheel ( some sort similar to concept of 'Luo Pan').
I found it in my drawer, the Chinese New Year card that I received last year.

( Kindly scroll to end of the post for the meaning of 'Luo Pan' / Chinese Compass)


I realised that in most of the time, where I played in prompt / challenge, I'll allow / let my inner soul guide me to what the pages supposed to be.
I never anticipated what will be the final page look like.
However, I plan before but for sure the final page will not look alike what I had planned ~~ by added of some paints, ephemera, doodles, & etc.

I'm not too sure whether shall I call this SERENDIPITY and SYNCHRONICITY.


The Luo Pan / Chinese Compass

Luo means a net that encompasses everything and Pan means utensil or plate.
This allegorically refers to the union of Heaven and Earth and specifically to the electro magnetic field that holds all matter together.

Luo Pan is a very important tool to Feng Shui masters. Feng Shui masters need to use the Luo pan in their evaluation. The Luo pan is used to help them to determine the direction and orientation of buildings, rooms, furnitures, sites etc.

The different levels of feng shui information are contained in each ring of a Luo Pan.

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