2015 Travelogue in preparation

Hi dearies, hope you all are well there.
I caught in flu and still need more time to recover. Besides, I am preparing revision for upcoming examination. This semester I have 3 subjects to go and in fact I am not far from completing the final year of the post-graduate studies.

Apart from studies, I have also arranged a free and easy short trip for my family in early of June. I bought air tickets (from local low cost air carrier ~ Air Asia) to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Visit Angkor Watt is one in To-Do-Once-In-A-Lifetime list.

I'm not too sure if I am wrong that I always thought that there is kinda connectivity (architectural, spiritual or believes) in between the Angkor Watt (Cambodia), Ayutthaya (Thailand) and Jogyakarta (Indonesia). But I couldn't really spell out unless I have been there and learn more about the Asean historical  :)

I start preparing a travel journal which to safe keeping the memories and experience for the journey. I was looking around the shelves and so happy to dust out a piece of work I did few years back (as shown). I decided to make use of it as the cover of the 2015 Travelogue .The infill pages , to be determined after the exam.