A good life in April ~ little travel to Penang and Broga

Hi, an update on my April moleskine journal. 

In April, life a bit different as compared to previous months as I make a trip to Penang, on my own without family. 
 I spent one day hanging around the island and 2 days attending the workshop at this elegant mansion
On the first day arrival (about 1 hr flight), most of the time I spent touring around Penang Peranakan Mansion, baba nyonya museum


There was a lot of antique / vintage stuff to see, but my favorite was the room which filled with shelves of colorful Vaseline Glass Epergnes collection from England (1890-1930).

I attempted to draw it in a journal. 

I settled my lunch at 4pm in a zakka cafe ~ Chai Diam Ma (I had a late breakfast inside the plane)

Most of the pages were prepared in advance for ease of journaling.

We have a long holiday from May 1 to May 4. We enjoyed our sunshine, outdoor by making our trip to Broga. Oops..no hiking, but we drove to 2 km further up from the famous Broga Hill (Selangor), the Broga Town (Negeri Sembilan) . We visited the Taoist Temple, which is located at the Broga.

A dedicated page to record our recent outing to Broga Hill, Semenyih.

The lush green hill at the other side of the temple gave me a feeling of tranquility, a pause moment that I willing to slow down my steps.

I was inspired by the green hill.
On the top part of the journal page, I put on some watercolor and doodled, and the result turned out unexpectedly nice.