A New Page #10 : Growing Up

growing up

I've been following thru Autumn's Blog for A NEW PAGE since September 2010, prompt 1.
I like the way she describe her feeling thru the prompts and brought us to the path of 'Growing'.
I started involve in making art in year 2007, scrabooking some pics of my daughter. Came to know about ATC, altered art, mixed media, collages work, etc.
I 'drown' in Swap-bot (a platform for swapping and exchanging gifts, cards and etc) for awhile.
Then, I came across art journaling (soul journaling) when the time I depressed in my work.
I received healing and encouragement from friends over the world and from that day I hook in blogging and art journaling.
My growing (nor matter pain or gain) path that lead me to what I am today.

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules,
making mistakes, and having fun.” Mary Lou Cook


Steph said…
This is not just a beautiful page but it encapsulates everything about art journalling which frees oneself from his'her current state of mind into a creative realm...and follwed by "healing" for sure...happy journalling...
Autumn said…
Simply amazing page. I just adore your fun doodles and scripty writing. :) Makes me happy!!! So glad that you are headed in the right direction and found this wonderful medium to express yourself with.
Autumn Clark
whollyafool said…
It's so strange to look back after journaling and making art for so many years on how we started...it's weird for me now to look at my first journal and think about how long I put off making that first page!

I love this page and your demonstration of this growth. Very nice :)
~*~Patty S said…
it is very special for you to take us on some of your healing journey dear Lay Hoon...this page is amazing...I can feel the growth!

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