AJ Week 2 ~ Creating Space for Art Journaling


Balzer Design suggest some ways to set up the creative space to allow for art journaling every day.

I would like to show you a corner where all my journals are kept.

I started making art journal since year 2009.


Besides, I think most of people like to peek into other's studio.

Sometimes, I wish to declutter my room but seems I fail in this mission last year. (May be I have a bad habit to dive/surround myself with stuff)

The work desk

More close up

and details



luthien said…
wow!! nice space and so many goodies :)))
milkcan said…
What a lovely space! Love all of the tape!
Chok Keun said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chok Keun said…
neat! I spotted some stuff that u just bought near last Xmas ^_*
Autumn said…
I think we all can agree that a cluttered space is a sign of great creativity. I hope to spend less time cleaning and more time creating. I guess there's a yin/yang balance that we are both searching for... xx
Coleen said…
Thanks for sharing part of your studio. I found you from Balzer's blog. I'm following here now and hope you will come visit and follow on mine too.


Coleen, an American in Ukraine

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