A New Page : Prompt One


A New Page for a new journal ..
I would love to follow Autumn's Antics on her latest prompt had on her blog here.

Recently, sway in between the role as wife, as mom, daytime profession and part-time crafter/art-journaler.
Doing somethings that I love to do and somethings are not.


Here are some various thoughts posted by Autumn:
Is there something new in your life right now?
A significant point in life when you turned the page that led you to where you are now?
Are you changing creatively, where are you trying to be?
What words describe these changes? List those on your spread.
How will you achieve the changes you are looking toward? Make yourself a list.
What is your primary focus?


" Life is too short, you will never know what will be happen tomorrow. "

I make this journal a bit different from what I normally did.
There were no covers .... I make used of the page as the cover.