Monday, September 6, 2010

A New Page : Prompt Two


Prompt Two : This journal holds things that are meant beautiful for me.Not this journal but every art-journal I make.


Love these japanese paper. Some are bold and some are such feminine soft


The photos that I kept during blog surfing,from Debee Campos (thanks for Hearthandmade) . The Bingo card was posted in Autumn's Antics blog.




I admire at those pretty and organised craft-nest, I wish to turn mine into that too.


Hearthandmade said...

I love it! Debee Campos is very inspiring! I love her picture u inlcuded!

Autumn said...

I just LOVE the things that you love! Your pages are each so fantastic! I love the blue painted background with the drawing etched into it. Love mix tapes! Love your creative space! Oh, yes these are very beautiful things indeed! I see why you did many pages on this subject. I added a short list to my page, but could have filled an entire book with things. :) I just added prompt 5. I hope you enjoy it.
Autumn Clark

Gaby Bee said...

What a wonderful piece. Very inspiring! These pages gorgeous. I always love your creativity!
Enjoy your day and make more fab art :-)

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

Thank you Hearthandmade, thanks for the artist name.

Autumn, I love the prompts you posted on your blog.

Thank you Gaby.

Interworkable said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Thanks fro lifting my spirit with your wonderful and inspiring work.

iHanna said...

Oh, Lay Hon, such pretty pages in a very pretty art journal. Yummy stuff, all of it!