Retreat house

My class with Kathryn Antyr on Personal Retreat Online Workshop has started.
The topic of RETREAT is totally new to me.

Lesson 1 : Cultivating Awareness

According to Kathryn, "Retreats provide an opportunity to step out of the everyday busyness and offers a respite for the soul. To retreat is not to run or hide from our problems and responsibilities, but to quiet the busy mind and to listen to our hearts. It is in *being* not *doing* that we uncover our inner guide. Peace and joyfulness is found in our stillness. When we return from retreat we are restored, grounded, and prepared to live our life from a place of strength. "

When I enter into this Retreat & Creative Studio, " I Free Myself This Moment".

I'm creating my journal in house-shape.
A big and comfort sofa & books for reading that I find find inviting and relaxing.