DisCo Revealed

I took part in Seth's Disintegration Collaboration(DisCo) project.

Bundles of papers & cards hanged on the fence.
Exposed to mother of nature ~ sunlight, wind, moonlight, hazes (happen few months ago)

The unsual extreme weather caused the bundle sagged.

Parents-in-law wonder why I hanged this outside the house :)
The "art bundle".

Love the nature-disintegrate-paper

Recently, I have learned to bind my own book and addicted with it.

The papers only enough to make 1 book.

Just wonder shall I place the red heart or the heart-shape-dry leave in the 'hand'.

Got the cover paper from a paper bag which still robust even after months of explosure.

Everything, the strings/thread, paper, wires, cards was part of the 'DisCo' except the bead and recycle cardboard (used as the layer for the cover).

The magazine pages 'eaten up' together.

Use the wires that I wrapped the bundles for the binding.

The remaining Jenni Browlin's Bingo Card and the distressed magazine page.

The frayed envelope.


Apple said…
That looks like a really fun project!!!
What a neat book :-) Love what you have done with those papers and things. I think I like the leaf in the hand because it fits in more with the 'nature' theme :-) hehehee
龍貓 said…
Seth said…
I love how you put this together. So wonderful to see what can be created out if something disintegrated! Job well done!!
Beautiful post and pictures Lay Hoon! Your bundle really did get nice treatment out in the elements! Your book is fabulous! You really created something special !!! I like both hearts ... not easy to pick just one :)