DisCo Revealed

I took part in Seth's Disintegration Collaboration(DisCo) project.

Bundles of papers & cards hanged on the fence.
Exposed to mother of nature ~ sunlight, wind, moonlight, hazes (happen few months ago)

The unsual extreme weather caused the bundle sagged.

Parents-in-law wonder why I hanged this outside the house :)
The "art bundle".

Love the nature-disintegrate-paper

Recently, I have learned to bind my own book and addicted with it.

The papers only enough to make 1 book.

Just wonder shall I place the red heart or the heart-shape-dry leave in the 'hand'.

Got the cover paper from a paper bag which still robust even after months of explosure.

Everything, the strings/thread, paper, wires, cards was part of the 'DisCo' except the bead and recycle cardboard (used as the layer for the cover).

The magazine pages 'eaten up' together.

Use the wires that I wrapped the bundles for the binding.

The remaining Jenni Browlin's Bingo Card and the distressed magazine page.

The frayed envelope.