Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm back from Vacation :)

(* Coaster that I bought from Dunhuang)

I just back from my 18-days long vacation.

The trip was very different from the ordinary one that I joined previously.
We , 22 backpackers, flied to Xinjiang, follow the route of ancient people (of course, our route is not difficult as like the past) to Silk Road China and ended the journey in Xi'an.

I enjoy the experience of stayed in Kazakh Yurt / Mongolian tent (in such breezing cool weather , -3 celcius at night time !!!) , climbed the mountain to have great view of Tianshan & Tianchi, climbed the 1,308 steps of Flaming Mountain, walked to one of the tip of sand dunes, visited to Tibetan Monastery, glacier walk, cycled on the ancient wall of Xian (approx. 13km in 1 hour..huh) and so much more great experience.

I have so many backlogs (after so many days off)
for e.g. e-mail to reply, postcard to send, travel journal to complete, blog to visit, challenge to participate :)
I feel so good to return to artland after so many days re-charge !!!

Thank you to my beloved husband, my blogger friend who visited me and leave me comments, Yongo backpackers, colleagues & friends.

* Silk road ~~ journey along the ancient trade route between China and the western world - from Xi'an to Kashgar (XinJiang).


Anne said...

Hi, Lay Hoon! Sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime trip! What a fabulous experience! :-)

Mar said...

what an awesome trip experience...
a lifetime of memories

happy you are back too!

kUaN SiOnG said...





Linda said...

Wow, Lay Hoon...what an amazing experience! You must have seen some wonderful sights you lucky girl.
The coasters are lovely - do you have some more photos to show us?

Wishful Thinking said...

Sounds a fabulous trip Lay Hoon. You are lucky :-) Bet you got lots of inspiration craft wise!