ADORE. Bingo !!

I scrapbook my DD's photo on the Jenni Bowlin Bingo Cards - Adore which I bought sometimes ago.

Paint the edge of the card with layers of Pink Acyclic. Then, apply with Cracked Accent.
The little footprint is cut from a fabric ribbon.

(little close look)
Ribbon tie on the left.

Spray the background with dye ink.


TonyaA said…
This is so personal and precious. I love it!
Blessings, peace, and love to you,
Linda said…
This is great Lay Hoon...full of life and lovely details.
Linda X
Naddy said…
tht's beautiful Lay Hoon :)
Tina said…
hi there

I am so loving this collage - you combine my 2 favorite past times...scrapbooking and collage. This came out great. I am following you - you offer great inspiration.

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