Bloom Where You Are Planted

I've won 3 Repsils tins from Ewian (Norway) last month.
So I used 1 tin for this Altered-Tin project.

I used the K&Company Tag Pad to cover the tin.
I love the quote on the tag pad ~ BLOOM Where you are planted.

In the Ewian giveaway, we been asked to contribute our idea what we can do with the empty tin.

LaY hOoN said...
I think I'll turn the metal box into altered art piece, will put in my daughters picture in it.
So, here is my idea. (There are numerous of ideas complied by EWian in here)

I cut the about size patterned paper, tie in the ribbon sheet-by-sheet , like accordion.

When all cards pull out.

This is the other side of the cards

from Love's Seed House


Anne said…
Hi, Lay Hoon! Great project! :-)
Mel said…
What a beautiful project....
Mar said…
this is beautiful layhoon and such a nice sentiment to go along with it!
great project to participate in
What a beautiful treasure you've created!
OMG! I love that accordion album in the tin! Great job! And wonderful pics of the sky. I loved them all.
Linda said…
This is very precious Lay Hoon - you make such beautiful things.
Tess said…
This tin is beautiful, just as your daughter is beaurtiful too. A wonderfully creative idea and a treasure for her to grow up with.
Well done!!
Apple said…
That is a great project!!!
iza said…
great idea, gorgeous it.get me inspired...
EWian said…
You have a beautiful daughter. Grate job on the tin. Thought you like to know on the back side close to the middle,you have the word kjærlighet that means love.


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