Hong Kong ~ Chocolate Rain

my travel to Hong Kong early of December.

One of the destination is Chocolate Rain (by Prudence Mak), one of my must-go-place in HK. 

Story behind the doll : 

Using the imagery of a little girl in each and every pieces of her collection, Prudence Mak created - Fatina. Fatina is a doll who comes to life as a special little girl with the power to dream up big dreams. She always keep her eyes closed to feel the world with her heart. She believes she is able to slowly help mend our dying planet. One dream at a time. "

Her shop is appeared to be so inspired and magical for me :-

She is using a lots of toys and recycle stuff for the roof..

not to forget to add some feature at the glass panel ...

Love the patching works .... 

sorry... i supposed not allowed to take photo inside the store ...been warned after this piece :p

Chocolate Rain Store
G/F 67A, Chung Hing Court, 
Peel street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong. 


Raylee said…
if only that dream could come true!
nice story.