Flash back 2013 and forward 2014

2013 Accomplishment 
  • finally got my new home (after 1 year ex-seller struggled with the legal issue)
  • commencing my studies in MBA (completed 5 subject out of 15 in 2013, 10 more to go in 2014-2016)
  • cook meal for family
  • do a lot of readings in morning LRT ride.
  • first oversea trip with husband and children (hope to have at least once in a year)
- Hacks (sweets / sugars I had addicted for a year plus). Replaced by having Green Tea.
- Fast food (KFC and McDonald). Replaced by home-cooked fried chicken and potato fries.    
  • Adapting myself in new career (Business Planner) in new environment at age of mid 30s
- suffered and realised that I was over-pressurize by myself try to be perfect, efficient and know-everything about my job...(by Sept). Learn to accept imperfection in myself and others and not to over-stressed myself too much achieving 100% in family, work, and studies.

Learn to see things differently.
Let your thoughts and actions change.
Allow your views of past and present
to slowly rearrange.
Let your spirit start anew;
become focused and aware
of the moments and the blessings
that surround you everywhere!


  • creative list

--> Root : A 30 Day Journal Project by Lisa Sonora Beam 
--> Artsronauts Club by Teesha 


Raylee said…
happy new year, i wish you well with all of your positive endeavours!!
CK Chai said…
Happy New Year, may 2014 be a smooth sailing year for you!
iHanna said…
Happy New Creative Year! What a great list of achievements and plans! Is the Astronauts Club fun? I might get in later when I have more time.

Take care!