Thursday, November 14, 2013

Take me on a journey, my journal

I started art journaling since 2008.
Love the massive / bulky / hulking content that I try to fill it until it's limit.

The journal book (2008) was bought from the Arch ~ brown kraft paper. This journal recorded my first attempt in Art Journaling, playful Soul Journal class conducted by Sarah Whitmere and subsequent with True North ArtsKathryn Costa. I still remember the great time that we all had.       

Journal book of 2010 was brought back from Bahrain, from a local supplier. The daily diary page that drove me to write/put in some(every)thing everyday.

Journal book of 2011 was a gift from my former boss. There are hard divider nicely place within each of the month. Year 2011 was a mixture year that my mood swing upside down.

The handy Journal of 2012 was Monologue. A new journal that recorded the experience of new career path. I had make a tremendous change in my life story.

2013 Journal is from Moleskine (a legendary notebook). I have been hear about this brand journal repeatedly since year 2008 perhaps. I bought the first Moleskine from Taiwan (as it was not available in Malaysia yet). However, it was then beautiful wrapped and gave out as a gift. So, I bought myself the legendary notebook early of 2013 as a gift for myself 
It still have few more pages left as at today..

How is my 2014 Journal book will look like ?

(I'm calling)


Some photos that I feel so guilty if I'm not sharing it ...

I've capture from the display booth at Kinokuniya bookstore (Japanese book section).

I scream .... "So kawaii".  


iHanna said...

Lovely art journals, both old & new! Great post!

Unknown said...

I love your filled art-journals <3

It is my dream to see one of my journals in your hands! Maybe you would like it? Who knows :D