Culture Street, Old JB (Johor Bharu) Town

I'm fascinated about backstreet look like ..

my little loved one carried her umbrella claiming that she want to good use her umbrella..

There was a cultural show at Saturday night

The weather was hot and thought it would be great idea for the cafe house to shade under the 'leaves'. 
However, too bad the cafe house is not in business that day. 

Those pictures are shot from our recent heritage walk to Old JB town (Day 1), other than Penang and Melaka  (Malacca).  
We spend our 3 days (very short) here in JB for company's Family Day.  

Day 1 ~ Drive of 5 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Johor
Day 2 ~ Legoland
Day 3 ~ Old JB town again for good food and visit to Culture Museum.


We just realised that we do not make any trip out early of the year. 
Most of the months was spend on work and works..
I still have 8 days leave balance to be carried for next year after consideration of study/exam leaves 
and Dec leaves.