Live your life fearlessly

Sometimes, i do confused I live my life with too much of 'care'.
Not doing or being , because if i doing this, 
......i afraid that my career may not able to keep pace
 .... or I may do not have enough fund for retire 
....may be he don't like me to behave in this way

 when I am afraid to make further move, I will think off a little great effort (IDTA) taken by me previously which becomes drive/courage for my current life 
IDTA (I did that already)
~ first overseas trip to UK , solo and limited money. 
~ gave birth naturally without medical intervention or interference.  
~ career change after many many years (move out of my comfort zone totally) and I'm surviving (now)

You’re doing what you’re doing because it’s the purpose and the process of your life.

* Added after reading from Wayne Dyer on Risk Taking shared by Lisa Sonora's website.