Friday, July 26, 2013

Baking - Marble Cake and Mille Crepe Layers Cake

I bought this oven for new home a month ago.
New Home ...yes, i've been busy for past few months (that's why i have not much time to update my blog if you have observed).

I'm starting to do something different ... i'm playing my role as a housewive during weekend.  

Here is my new journey and great experience coming in to my life ...

My first mission in baking 
~ Marble Butter Cake.

Hmm... I followed exactly the same as per the recipe.. taste not bad.
However , too sweet for my family.

Last week .., i was craving for Mille Crepe Layers Cake.
So, thought of why not make one for myself...

A page in moleskine ...

here is the outcome
20 layers crepe and filling with whipping cream and
(cream cheese + condensed milk + fresh milk)

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Raylee said...

looks long did it take to make all those layers?