Behind the scene !

I'm so excited that I being interviewed by Bernama TV few days back for a segment called Masyuk in  F.Y.I (Heading F.Y.I  = Fikir, Yakin, Initiatif (Malay Language) or  Think, Be Confident, Take Initiative (English).

Zul shooting some of my handmade journal 


For the segment, I share some idea of getting involved in art (even I'm not an artist), choose art as form of retreat, handmade book and also demonstrate the way to make an art postcard.  

Norita Vincent and me                             Zulhafiz and me& sweet little one

Thank you Norita and Zul for the opportunity to work together. 


Luthien said…
wow!! how cool!! well done for getting the exposure :)
KathrynAntyr said…
This is soooo wonderful. I love seeing *YOU*

You must be so excited. I hope they post it via YouTube so we can see it.

{soul hugs}
Little Syam said…

Your art are wonderful and I am sure it will inspire others. You are artist in your own way..and so talented.
Joyfulploys said…
Hi Kay Hoon...what an honor to be interviewed by the TV people. I love your travel journal.
TJ said…
Lay this is so very exciting! I am happy and proud of you...
Best wishes from germany, tj
~*~Patty S said…
How wonderful
and exciting
and so well deserved Dear Lay Hoon

from everything I can tell
You definitely ARE an artist my dear!!!

it is sometimes hard to say those words for different reasons...but it is true...believe it my friend!

thank you for sharing your creativity...your travel journals are wonderful too!
Blossom inch said…
that is awesome and love your travel journal as always.
Autumn said…
So excited for you! What a great accomplishment!

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