Craft Market at Jaya One

I'm so glad that I been asked by a colleague to share with her wife a corner last Saturday in local Crafty Market. 
To market my handmade product physically is one in my list that I want to experience in. 
As always, I need a little push.  
Thank you Eric & Jane for the chance. And I met another new friend , Hui Hui.

This is how our booth look like.
It's our (Jane & I) first time.

Jane made coins purses and also key holder .
Such a tedious work which i dun think i able to do that at this moment. 

handbags and felt hair badge make by Jane's cousin.

my handmade book corner

my personal favourite.....

we enjoy in this whole day ...
visit other's people booth..
communicate and inspired each others...





Luthien said…
gosh! were you there? i was there too!! at fren's stall ... melissa's stall :) i was at evelin's and michelle's too ... which one was yours?? darn!! i missed saying hi to you!!
Evelin said…
Hi Lay Hoon,

Great to finally meet you! You are very talented! :) Keep inspiring me with your lovely art journalling, k? :)

Sorry I couldn't go upstairs to find you as I'm alone the whole day.. next time, k? :)

Hugs! and thanks for the photo! hehe :D
Lay Hoon said…
luthien, I was share wif my friend . the booth is at the floor above the handmade section.
Lay Hoon said…
thank you evelin.
I love ur work, I lov ur book and also the crochet flower.

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