AJ Week 9 ~ Collections - Masking Tape


Evidence page for my collections . IMG_9484 Make records &

Keep some pieces before all of it went for good used. IMG_9485



Evelin said…
Hi Lay Hoon, you're a masking tape fan too??? Me too!! I love MT's washi tapes... have been coveting them for a long time and finally succumbed and bought some... placed my second order already :P I love love love love them so much!!!! :D
Nicole Austin said…
oh, this makes me so happy! :) i love masking tape, too. i love all the colors!
roc said…
i love masking tape and decorative packaging tape~ you can make your own with masking and clear packaging tape and paints and stamps!
Hearthandmade said…
I must do this! I found an etsy store who were selling a 'surprise' back of masking tape and all proceeds went to the japan relief. It was great to get in the post! I would love to feature you on my blog as one of my face journalling sites. Is this ok? x
Andria said…
What delicious tapes! I've just recently heard about all this beautiful decorative masking tape and washi tape, and I'm really hoping to get some for myself. Your evidence pages are beautiful and interesting!
Hi I love washi tape! You're so creative, I love all your scrapbook stuff. I handmake some things too, mostly fabric and jewelry, but I haven't really gotten into paper as much as I'd like. Thanks for dropping by my postcard blog and posting the art one in FB. Have a great day!

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